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That Hagen Girl

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Mary Hagen lives in a small town in Ohio and goes to Jordon Junior College. For years, there has been whispers, rumors and gossip about who are her real parents. When Tom Bates returns to town, he takes over the house and practice that Judge Merrivale left him when he died. As Tom has been away a number of years, this leads to more gossip and Mary believes that he is her father. The popular and rich Ken loves Mary, but his family and friends constantly remind him that she is 'not one of us'. Julia, a teacher at school encourages Mary but Mary cannot get a break in anything she does, or is accused of doing. Tom knows the answer to her true identity, and he is silent.

Title : That Hagen Girl

Year : 1947

Runtime : 83

Release Dates: 1947-11-01


Actors :

Ronald ReaganasThomas J. Bates
Shirley TempleasMary Hagen
Rory CalhounasKen Freneau
Lois MaxwellasJulia Kane
Dorothy PetersonasMinta Hagen
Charles KemperasJim Hagen
Conrad JanisasDewey Koons
Jean PorterasSharon Bailey
Penny EdwardsasChristine Delaney
Harry DavenportasJudge Merrivale
Nella WalkerasMolly Freneau
Winifred HarrisasSelma Delaney
Moroni OlsenasTrenton Gateley
Frank ConroyasDr. Stone
Kathryn CardasMiss Grover
Douglas KennedyasHerb Delaney
Barbara BrownasLorna Gateley
Tom FaddenasVillage Loafer
Gino CorradoasNight Club Bartender (uncredited)
William EdmundsasCorey - Butler / Chauffeur (uncredited)
William B. DavidsonasMr. Bowman (uncredited)
Virginia FarmerasMillie Corey - Gateley's Maid (uncredited)
Milton ParsonsasAl - Station Agent (uncredited)
Constance PurdyasRuth Laverty - Gossip (uncredited)
Helen WallaceasRose Halliday (uncredited)
Anthony WardeasEddie - Pushy Night Club Patron (uncredited)

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