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The star attraction of the Piccadilly Club is the dancing team of Mabel and Vic. Victor is infatuated with Mabel, but she rejects his advances, since she is in love with Valentine Wilmot, the club's owner. One night, as Mabel and Vic perform their act, there is a disruption caused by a customer who is unhappy about a dirty plate. When Wilmot goes back to the kitchen to investigate, he finds several employees in the scullery watching Shosho, one of the dishwashers, dancing on a table. That night, Wilmot fires both Shosho and Victor. But the club's sagging fortunes soon lead him to re-evaluate Shosho's talent.

Title : Piccadilly

Year : 1929

Runtime : 92

Release Dates: 1929-02-01


Actors :

Anna May WongasShosho
Gilda GrayasMabel Greenfield
Jameson ThomasasValentine Wilmot
Charles LaughtonasA Nightclub Diner
Cyril RitchardasVictor Smiles

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